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SEO or Search Engine Optimisation involves the making of changes to a website, to improve or increase the positioning of a website in Search Engine rankings.

So you paid a lot for your website but Your Search Engine Rankings On Google Are Dire!

If you are not positioned well, or receiving the traffic and leads your business requires, chances are your website needs on-page and on-site optimising.

Before SEO can be implemented an analysis is required. Tools to do this range from free to expensive and then someone to analyse them properly.

Your free SEO report will highlight some of the major errors on your website that are holding your search engine rankings back,  along with some simple things you can do to immediately increase your search engine rankings. However, these are just the basics. Often a full renovation of your On-Page SEO is required along with web programming, user interface adjustments and adjustments to change the speed of your website

Is your website responsive to work across both computer and mobile screens?

If it isn’t yet responsive, a redesign using new technology should be completed prior to an SEO report as these tools will be included in any website redesign we produce.

Link Quality Check

Title Tags

On-Page Optimization

Heading Tags

Check for Duplicate Content

Keyword Strategy

Check for Manual Penalties Reported

Website Errors


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